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Hola, bienvenidos a la Revolución

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    Charter for cheats: Divorce couples shouldn’t spy on each other’s financial records, says judge in £100m Man from Del Monte battle

    ‘The View’ host Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s lesbian theory: Older women just couldn’t get a man VIDEO
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    Middle-aged women ‘more sexually active’

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    Precisamente el Pentágono acusa a WikiLeaks de “tener las manos ensangrentadas”

    1. La dérive de Françoise David

    2. El Pentágono acusa a WikiLeaks de “tener las manos ensangrentadas”
    Tiene cojones que sean precisamente los del Pentágono los que acusen a alguien de tener las manos ensangrentadas. Resulta mucho más que irónico.

    Pero a parte de este insignificante detalle veamos cual ha sido en grandes rasgos la estrategia de la oligarquía y sus medios de propaganda respecto a este asunto:
    a) Los jefecillos de los Estados Unidos acusan a Wikileaks de poner la seguridad nacional en peligro. Mirad, criaturas: pone en peligro la seguridad nacional de vuestro cortijo todo lo que no se someta a vuestros dictados e ideología, a vuestros intereses. Y si la gente se cree que se puede expresar libremente, ya encontraréis la manera de asociarlo a la seguridad nacional en peligro por algo de lo que diréis que causa inseguridad. En este caso, la libertad de prensa y de expresión.

    Por otra parte, ya es vox populi, quien estuvo detrás de la creación de Al Qaeda y qué es lo que pasó en 11 de septiembre. Luego las acusaciones de influir en el ataque organizado por la oligarquía contra la sociedad por medio de los autodenominados Al Qaeda, queda fuera de lugar.

    b) Para dar más fuerza asociativa a Wikileaks e inseguridad causada a la”seguridad nacional”, aparece en escena el títere afgano, diciendo que aquellos a los que se les ha asignado el papel de muertos en el teatro del terrorismo internacional, en el futuro, lo van a ser por culpa de Wikileaks, es decir, de la libertad de espresión.

    Ja, Ja y Ja

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    1973 UN Publication Proposes Creation of Global “Family Planning Communication Resource Units”

    1. Wikileaks contacted Obama Admin. before release of documents but got no response VIDEO

    2. 1973 UN Publication Proposes Creation of Global “Family Planning Communication Resource Units”

    “The integration of messages is a matter which concerns the Communication Resource Unit, in that an integrated approach to family planning needs to be worked out. (…) These (messages) may be ‘family planning for maternal health’, ‘family planning for family prosperity’, ‘family planning for your figure’, ‘family planning for national prosperity’, family planning for child development.’ These messages will be pretested to find those which seem to appeal most to the eligible age groups.”

    “Cartoons, say the authors, could also help implant a family planning message, for example “a cartoon in the most widely read newspaper could take the opportunity to ridicule those who cling to the old ways to the detriment of their families.””

    “How would the Unesco-people arrange all this, just by voluntary compliance of the media-people involved? “There may be some scheme whereby those people will be paid for their work (…)”- says the document. In other words: bribery is being proposed as an acceptable means of bringing the media into the overall strategy.”

    “But the Resource Unit won’t restrict itself to just radio, TV and plays. Feature films are considered perhaps to be the most effective tools in conveying the message to unsuspecting audiences:”

    “And the document continues on, listing example after example- illustrating quite vividly the willingness on the part of the Malthusian-minded elite to lie, cheat and deceive in order to convince people that ‘less is more’. As this document shows, nation after nation is methodically bombarded with predictive programming-propaganda, requiring of the receiver an almost superhuman set of defence mechanisms to fence off the pitchforks of the eugenicists, poking at them from all sides”

    A 1973 UNESCO-publication called Mass Media, Family Planning and Development: Country Case Studies on Media Strategy

    3. Menos feministas para el verano

    “New evidence” of global warming is just a new cherrypick


    There are lots of problems with this report. First, none of these so-called indicators is globally accurate at the scale of interest, which is tenths of a degree. In fact no two agree in detail. Notice too that the satellite data is not shown, even though it is the best data we have, because it does not agree at all. What other contra indicators are missing?

    Second, if it is warming a little we still do not have any reason to believe that humans have anything to do with it. These folks are confusing the political slogan that “warming” is a hoax, which merely expresses reasonable skepticism about human induced warming, with the narrow scientific claim that it is not warming, which nobody actually makes.”

    “Modern society is remarkably clean. Only government deals and favoritism (corporatism) keep the big polluters (BP) from taking full individual responsibility, and making full restitution, for their mistakes and misdeeds. The modern individual leaves less mess behind than the primitive individual did. It is just that there are an awful lot of us humans now, and we are being artificially forced, by government fear and inertia, to stay in our planetary cradle instead of being allowed to naturally spread out from Earth.”

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    Lawsuit: Antimicrobial Soaps Damage Reproductive Organs
    Scientists find evidence that oil and dispersant mix is making its way into the foodchain

    1. Top 2 Google Searches on “Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed” VIDEOS

    2. Homosexual freed from Romanian jail attacked women twice within months of entering Britain

    3. Council bans mini-skirts in crackdown on ‘inappropriate’ clothing in the office
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    4. Scientists find evidence that oil and dispersant mix is making its way into the foodchain

    5. Lawsuit: Antimicrobial Soaps Damage Reproductive Organs

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    Existen alternativas

    La alternativa a ellos somos nosotros.
    La alternativa a la pasividad es la acción.
    La alternativa a la la derrota es la victoria.
    La alternativa a la oligarquía es la humanidad.
    La alternativa a la barbarie es la Civilización.

    La alternativa al caos socieconómico, al que la oligarquía nos quiere llevar, es el orden de la Civilización.
    La alternativa a la esclavitud es la libertad.
    La alternativa al dominio es la liberación.
    La alternativa al feminismo es la libertad.
    La alternativa a ellos somos nosotros, todos nosotros.
    La alternativa al caos social es la organización social.

    La alternativa a su intento de dominio global es la alternativa humana para el proyecto de una organización social libre de amenazas.

    La alternativa a su intento de esclavitud global es la alternativa de la Civilización en sí misma como respuesta a la tiranía, dando respuesta al esclavismo mediante el proyecto de una organización social libre de la amenaza de quien la quiere desposeer del fruto de su trabajo, de sus propiedades; y de esa manera controlar, decidir y poseer tanto los medios de producción y distribución como las materias primas y las instituciones de gobierno social.
    La alternativa al homosexualismo es la libertad.
    La alternativa al “os vamos a callar” es hablar en voz alta y demostrarles que será todo lo contrario.
    La alternativa al no-hacer algo por nada es hacer todo por cualquier cosa.
    La alternativa a la inacción es la acción.
    La alternativa al darse por vencido es darse y saberse vencedor.
    La alternativa al terror es la valentía.

    La alternativa a ellos queriéndonos mantener en la pasividad y en el desaliento somos nosotros, el pueblo, recuperando el poder en el concepto de sí mismo, y reafirmándonos en una incesante actividad que afirma, en sí mismas, nuestra continua, progresiva e inevitable victoria.

    La alternativa al actual saqueo de la Civilización, desmantelamiento de la democracia y violación de la libertad, es la revolución.
    La alternativa a la derrota somos todos nosotros salendo a la calle a recuperarla mediante la expresión social, mediante el contraataque a la agresión feminista del régimen, por medio de todo tipo de acciones.

    La alternativa al terror es la valentía.
    La alternativa a la derrota es la victoria.
    La alternativa al saqueo es el orden.
    La alternativa al feminismo y la oligaquía es la revolución, es la vuelta a la Civilización, es la reinstauración de la Civilización.

    La alternativa está en todos nosotros.

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    ¿Cuál es el motivo que se esconde detrás de ese nuevo estudio “científico”?

    1. Hay que dejar a parte que si eres homosexual, ya lo eras. Otra cosa es cuánto tiempo hayas querido engañar a la gente. Ocurre que muchas de ellas han estado viviendo a cuenta de los hombres y cuando ya no les queda de dónde sacar, salen del armario. Después de, como decíamos hace tiempo, hacer el ritual del itinerario de turno que no necesariemente es el mismo para todas las feministas, obviamente.

    2. Hombres siempre hay, y de hecho el mundo está lleno de hombres soletros.

    3. Si no hay hombres de menor edad, los habrá de mayor edad. Otra cosa es que la propaganda feminista del régimen les haya prometido jovencitos y ellas hagan el teatro de que es posible y de que se lo merecen, para después ponerlo como excusa y como parte de la pseudo-ciencia de los estudios feministas.
    Además, los hombres somos malos por naturaleza según el feminismo, pero las mujeres son divinas, virginales y puras, por lo tanto no les debería de importar la edad porque eso es amor por interés o por ver en los hombres un cuerpo, un objeto. Y el amor no tiene fronteras y mucho menos de edad ¿A que sí, princesas?

    4. Lo que se esconde detrás de esa basura es el continuo intento de legitimar su ideología y de extender el dominio de su régimen sobre los humanos. Lo que se muestra es la evidencia de su ridículo y su lamentable intento de esclavitud humana.

    ‘The View’ host Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s lesbian theory: Older women just couldn’t get a man VIDEO

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    Quiero preguntar a ver si se pueden imprimir y pegar vuestros carteles.

  8. Giorgio L. dice:

    ci indovinare che cosa si dispone di un bellezze blog del sito . Grazie! tutti sul tuo sito web . !

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    Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed Addendum – Chemical BPA Linked to Medical Problems VIDEO

    Feminist admits SECOND cry rape offence… but is spared jail as she is heavily pregnant

    ‘Despicable’ sisters jailed after one stabbed her boyfriend to death for calling her a lesbian
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    It’s Time to Start Negotiating

    1. It’s Time to Start Negotiating
    For thousands and thousands of years gender roles have been more or less fixed.

    Do you help your female friend repair stuff or do you help her move or carry things that she finds heavy? If you do, then you should fully expect her to come to your house to cook and clean every now and then.
    Do you buy drinks or dinners for women when dating? If you do, then what are you getting in return, financially? If the answer is nothing, then why are you doing it?
    Do you really want to spend $10,000-100,000 on a fantasy wedding? Or is that her fantasy, and her wish? Would she let you buy something of equal value from money that she has brought into the marriage?As long as family courts regularly award custody to the mother, it makes sense for every man to have a prenuptial agreement, so that you have the financial power after a divorce to compensate for her having power over the children.
    Do you even want to get married? Do you need to get married to satisfy what you’re after? Or is it enough for you to live with a woman and raise kids together?

    2. More than 1,000 girls aged 11 and 12 are on the pill
    The number of girls aged 11 and 12 who have been prescribed the contraceptive pill has risen five-fold in a decade, according to new figures.

    3. Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

    4. Monsanto: The world’s poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit

    “Saving the world,” and other lies
    Monsanto’s public relations story about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are largely based on five concepts.

    1. GMOs are needed to feed the world.
    2. GMOs have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.
    3. GMOs increase yield.
    4. GMOs reduce the use of agricultural chemicals.
    5. GMOs can be contained, and therefore coexist with non-GM crops.

    Monsanto’s toxic past
    Infiltrating the minds and offices of the government
    Hijacking the FDA to promote GMOs
    Covering up health dangers
    Fake safety assessments
    Monsanto’s studies are secret, inadequate, and flawed
    Monsanto rigs research to miss dangers
    Monsanto attacks labeling, local democracy, and news coverage
    Monsanto’s promises of riches come up short
    Canola crashes on GM
    GM farmers don’t earn or produce more
    Herbicide use rising due to GMOs
    Contamination happens
    Deadly deception in India
    Doctors orders: no genetically modified food
    Pregnant women and babies at great risk
    Food that produces poison
    GMOs provoke immune reactions
    Animals dying in large numbers
    GMOs remain inside of us
    Hidden dangers
    Un-recallable contamination
    Replacing nature: “Nothing shall be eaten that we don’t own”

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    Por supuesto que se puede, Modesto.

    Saludos revolucionarios

    Adelante camaradas

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    Housewives, prostitutes and beggars

    1. Housewives, prostitutes and beggars

    I recently participated in a TV discussion on why prostitution is on the rise in the country. I shared the panel with a closet feminist and a radical feminist, both of whom were of the opinion that prostitution was better than marriage since the house is unsafe for a woman, and she would at least get paid for her services if she were a prostitute.

    I returned home thinking about their wise utterances and went to bed discussing the same with my husband.

    2. On Jury Nullification and Rape VIDEOS, GRAFICOS

    The Innocence Project, which seeks to free individuals falsely convicted and incarcerated has overwhelmingly had the most success with the crime of rape. In a review of the 251 cases in which they have succeeded in freeing innocent men, nearly all of them were for sex crimes, and their average length of incarceration was 17 years. Most of those were freed only because they were lucky enough to have DNA evidence that could be evaluated. Many others are not so fortunate.

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    Un tren descarrila tras arrollar un grupo de feministas en Sevilla

    1. Un tren descarrila tras arrollar un grupo de feministas en Sevilla

    Lo mejor es que encima del título pone: NO HAY HERIDOS. Por supuesto, ningún humano ha resultado herido.
    Por otra parte, ¡eso sí que es un atropello y una injusticia! No hay derecho a que se les permita a las feministas deambular por el mundo sin control. Luego provocan accidentes, abortos, etc.

    2. Huge rise in 11-year-olds on the pill
    The number of 11 and 12-year-old girls prescribed the pill by a family doctor has soared five-fold in the past decade, according to figures.

    3. El Partido Homosexual-socialista desafina, otra vez

    “La ministra ni siquiera ha reparado en que su afirmación es un argumento de la máxima contundencia contra la igualdad que trata de imponer su departamento, porque de ser cierto que la manera de gestionar una gran empresa depende del sexo de sus principales ejecutivos, ello reflejaría la existencia de diferencias sustanciales entre hombres y mujeres, al contrario de lo que sostiene el estratégico discurso feminista de la versión (otra de las cabezas de la hidra) del feminismo conocida como feminismo de “género” tan del gusto de la ex directora de la oficina andaluza de flamenco.”

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    A toda feminista le llega su San Martín . Scanning Accepted, Not Safe

    1. Scanning Accepted, Not Safe

    “A recent report from the New York Times examines the serious health problems caused by overdosing of radiation during a CT brain perfusion scan including hair loss, brain cancer and long-term brain damage”

    2. Minority Report-style advertising billboards to target consumers

    3. Working mothers ‘don’t harm baby’: But only if they can afford good childcare, claims study
    Read more:

    4. Virginity repairs and an NHS that’s lost its way
    Read more:

    5. Oxford professor calls for drugging water supply VIDEO

    Editor’s Note: Everything documented in this detailed article correlates with the ongoing eugenics operations of the Scientific Dictatorship already underway. Humanity is under chemical, biological and psychological attack. Please check out this essential research and share the information with everyone you know. -Alex Jones

    “Oxford professor Julian Savulescu says fluoridation demonstrates how populations of the future could be mass-medicated through pharmacological ‘cognitive enhancements’ added to the water supply.”

    “Kurt Nimmo reported in December 2009 on a newspiece advocating adding lithium to the water supply as a mood stabilizer:” Hay que detener a estos genocidas autodenominado maltusianos y ponerlos a dieta: de fluor y de litio. Cojones, así van a aprender. Y que se vayan enterando porque esa es la dieta que les espera. Llevan una alimentación muy mala y eso les hace tener impulsos genocidas y homosexuales para acabar con la humanidad.

    ;) Pobres diablos, se las dan de ser Dios. Ellos y los partidos políticos y medios de propaganda que les protegen, jalean, y no denuncian. Todos acabarán a dieta.
    ;) Ya váis a ver cómo con la nueva dieta os cambia el humor. A toda feminista le llega su San Martín.

    Aquí está la página de Contacto de la Universidad esa que protege a los asesinos y les da trabajo.

    Aquí la foto del terrorista, del Ceauşescu (Chauchescu) este.
    donde también hay un enlace para contactar con él y decirle que la humanidad le tiene preparada una dieta a base de fluor y litio.

    Y aquí la página de la Facultad dónde la cucaracha está agazapada

    E-mail addresses of College administrative and maintenance staff
    Add to the following addresses
    E-mail addresses of College Officers
    Add to the following addresses
    O sea, lo mismo. Ya sabéis, ponéis los adress que aparecen a la izquierda antes de, y ya tenéis a alguien a quien mandarle un email.

    To contact a Fellow of the College:
    Individual e-mail addresses are of the form On each Fellow’s page you will find the first part of the address in the correct form. You may also search for e-mail addresses using the University contact page.
    Podéis intentarlo con el que puede ser el suyo

    Por supuesto, les dáis recuerdos de nuestra parte.

    Por el derecho a la libertad, por la Civilización, contra la barbarie

    Revolución antifeminista

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    Menores de 20 años que abortan en Euskadi aducen que el preservativo es caro
    Claro, no te jode, y alimentar a los judíos con el beneficio de su propio trabajo también era caro. Cojones.

    “”inmaduras psicológicamente” ” Claro, eso es lo que siempre hemos dicho de las feministas. Pero ellas dale que te pego, que quieren abortar. Pues nada, joder con el capricho. ¿Por qué no os alistáis en la OTAN o en la ONU y así podréis abortar a los humanos que se os pongan por medio sin necesidad de la molestia de concebirlos primero, ricas?

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    Decline into sugar hell
    Re ”Taking a bite out of fast food” (About Politics, July 31). Buried at the bottom of page 14 was a story that should have been on the front page.

    Over the past decade or so we have witnessed a horrifying trend in Thai eating habits. I hope I do not live to see the day when fresh fruit carts have disappeared from the streets because everyone is opting for processed snacks from the convenience stores which seem to sprout like mushrooms. But I fear the worst has yet to come.

    Only three or four times a year do I have the opportunity to visit Bangkok from my provincial home, but each time I am shocked at the proliferation of fast food outlets there, and how much junk people are now consuming compared with only a few years ago. The story mentions the US and its influence several times, but it also states that some local snack manufacturers have used the Federation of Thai Industries to complain about proposed labelling laws that would (heaven forbid) require warnings about sugar consumption. And let us not forget that for a fast food franchise of foreign origin to be successful in Thailand it must have a Thai partner. All those contributing to this trend will have much to answer for when the health ramifications of this profound shift really become manifest.

    Most upsetting is the obvious rise in childhood obesity. No one with their eyes open needs statistics to confirm this. And yet we read in the business pages of this and other dailies with little or no comment or objection, how the companies responsible continue to grow and profit.

    You do not have to abandon free market practices to protect the health and culture of a nation’s population. Some European countries for example, have curbed the growth of fast food outlets and ”convenience” stores with appropriate zoning laws. And it should go without saying that salty and sugary snack foods and artificially flavoured and sweetened beverages should be kept out of schools _ period.

    Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts

    Home-made fertilisers promoted
    Farmers urged to cut chemical use

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    La mujer que está casada con otro hombre afirma que solo estaban tonteando, aunque los vecinos aseguran haberlos visto en plena acción en el alfeizar de la ventana.

    Una pareja se cae por la ventana mientras hacía el amor

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    Dumbing-Down Society: How to Reverse its Effects, confronts David de Rothschild

    1. Dumbing-Down Society: How to Reverse its Effects
    “The first two parts of this series describes the negative effects that some commonly consumed chemicals have on the body and brain. This third and final part looks at some natural ways to keep the brain healthy and provides tips to rid the body of dangerous substances. In other words, how to fight back against the dumbing down of society!”

    2. Adrian Lamo Is a “Volunteer” for Project Vigilant, a Private Internet Surveillance Company Closely Linked to U.S. Intelligence

    3. Shadowy Spy Group Building Dossiers On Internet Users For Feds

    4. Environmentalist’s Shock Admission: ‘Stop talking about climate science. We lost. It’s over. Forget it’

    5. We Are Change San Francisco confronts David de Rothschild on Climategate, sustainability agenda
    VIDEO 10:34

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    Feminism – Created to Destroy Families and Control Society – Part 1

    1. Un diálogo internacional extraordinario con Lyndon LaRouche

    2. Feminism – Created to Destroy Families and Control Society – Part 1
    Bien, esto ya lo hemos publicado en varias ocasiones pero aquí está otra vez, para quien esté de nuevo.

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    Wikileaks: Who’s Hiding What and Why

    MassResistance addresses Plymouth Rock Tea Party

    This week’s “Truth Academy” in Chicago to cover all aspects of fighting the homosexual agenda in America.
    Truth Academy vs. ‘Gay’ Thought Police – LifeSiteNews Coverage

    Missing girl, 14, forced into prostitution by homosexual gang who plied her with drugs and vodka

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    Half of men steer clear of children in trouble for fear of being branded paedophiles


    Han puesto a los niños en peligro, los ponen en peligro a diario por causa del feminismo y desprotegidos del ataque de las feministas, de los homosexuales.

    La basura a la basura.

    Los corredores de la muerte les están esperando alegremente. :)

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    Feminist ‘rammed her 3-inch stiletto heel through boyfriend’s eye and into his brain during drunken taxi row’
    Read more:



    Feminist who ‘led a double life smothered her daughter, three, with Piglet teddy bear’
    Read more:


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    Establishment Media Pushes Brain Eating Vaccines VIDEO 14:53

    Entrevista Daniel Estulin en Voice of America Radio DOCUMENTO SONORO (Programa de Radio) MUY INTERESANTE

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    Human Stupidity Part 2 – Ultimate and Proximate Explanations

    Más mentiras del régimen
    Trampa estadística y demográfica: cada vez menos afiliados y más pensionistas

    Clone beef’s been on sale: After clone milk, now food watchdogs launch an investigation into illegal meat sold in British shops
    Read more:

    Businesswoman caught speeding told police her dead mother was behind the wheel
    Read more:

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    Ni un euro del aborto a Google is on Facebook

    Scientific Study Finds 40% Of All Store Receipts Covered In Dangerous Hormone-Disrupting Chemical ¡PELIGRO! VIDEO
    Environmental Working Group

    TV watchdog says abortion advert was not offensive despite a raft of complaints

    The 21st Century Matrix: Technocracy and the Rise of the Machines

    Two more vicars arrested in sham immigrant marriage probe

    Google ya hace caja con el aborto
    Ni un euro del aborto a Google is on Facebook

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    1. The 97% “Consensus” is only 76 Self-Selected Climatologists GRAFICOS

    2. Ley de “matrimonio” homosexual es ilegítima porque es injusta, explica Arzobispo de La Plata (Argentina)

    3. Nuevo éxito cívico frente a la promoción joven del aborto

    4. Harvard Medical School rolls out new rules to stop its faculty from accepting bribes from Big Pharma

    5. Germany gave assassination list to secret US unit

    Se puede ver el video gratuitamente después de inscribirte.

    7. How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

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    Recuérdalo y repítelo, Mutante:
    All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.
    (BLADE RUNNER – I’ve seen things)

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    Gracias a La Vida

    Peligrosa canción que no inventa cosas que hacen los hombres, malas, por supuesto. No habla de independencia, de desigualdad, de engaños, de patriarcado, de desigualdad laboral, de situación de la mujer, de discriminación. Vamos, como para prohibirlo. ;)

    Y lo peor de todo: habla de un hombre y una mujer. Asociando la relación al amor y a resultados y relaciones positivas. Y lo peor de todo, también, es que no les han acusado de violencia de género y de atacar al feminismo, es decir, a la democracia. Un video, una canción en la que se asocia hombre y mujer positivamente sin emplear la mentira de que por regla general la mujer sufre, es discriminada, engañada y todas esas majaderías de las basura enferma del LGM.

    En el futuro podría ser considrado herejía, machismo, patriarcado y apología a los hombres. Luego ser prohibido o ninguneado por el régimen.

    Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a La Vida

    Gracias a la vida

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    Público saca de la caverna a los “gays paleolíticos” y alaba el trabajo de los “pichapiedra”

    Nuevo castañazo en la neurona de los homosexuales esos. Otro ridículo más. No sólo quieren cambiar la historia sino también la prehistoria. Otra pirueta canina de las feministas. Aunque eso seguramente les vendrá de cuando violan perros.

    Estos payasos quieren superar a los que hacen documentales de la prehistoria. Bueno, si véis los documentales sobre prehistoria desde hace 25 años, por ejemplo, os daréis cuenta de lo mucho que ha cambiado la historia reciente a la prehistoria. Y si habéis visto los espectaculares documentales sobre la prehistoria que se están dando estos dos últimos años seguramente os entrará la risa al recordarlos. Y es que, sin ninguna evidencia científica dejan a un lado la especulaión total y la invención “ingenua” para lanzarse a la manipulación más absoluta de la realidad.

    Bien, todos habéis podido ver en esos documentales cómo cuando encuentran una punta de flecha, adivinan cosas como: el número de habitantes de la tribu, su signo astrológico, quien le ponía los cuernos a quién, que los hombres eran unos machistas porque se iban de caza y no volvían, que incluso algunos de los que no volvían eran unos desconsiderados porque se dejaban matar por los tiranosaurios y dejaban sin comer a la prole. Cosas como que sabían las relaciones culturales con otras tribus, de que hablaban, sus temas de conversación, que sabían cuantas veces al día hacían el amor, a que jugaban los niños por la mañana, que decía cuando ganaban o perdían y las reglas de los juegos. Sabían a que escuelas iban los niños, las notas que sacaban, la dirección de la escuela y el nombre de la profesora.

    Y claro, estos enfermos y ridículos, estaban un día tocando el aparato de televisión y sin darse cuenta dieron a la tecla de encenderlo y…¡sorpresa!, un programa de animalitos.

    Y fue entonces cuando se les ocurrió que lo mejor, para su ocurrencia de cambiar la prehistoria, sería aportar cualquier tipo de “evidencia científica” :)

    “El lesbianismo y la homosexualidad masculina son tabú” No, son objeto de mofa.

    “un grabado de hace 27 años “en la postura conocida como la tijera”" Que no payasito, eso que viste no es un grabado, es un video, una película. Gilipollas

    Atención a la payasada: “”muestra a dos mujeres frotando sus pechos en actitud cariñosa”" Ven unas rayas en una piedra y deducen actitud cariñosa. ¿Por qué? Porque están convencidos que el régimen protege sus invenciones y sus mentiras y que una mentira y un invento, cuanto más grandes, mejores. Feministas: os ha hecho interferencias en la neurona el video de vuestra prostituta madre homosexual violando a una perra. Enfermas.

    “Eudald Carbonell, encuentra un culpable en todo esto: “me sorprende el silencio que rodea a la homosexualidad en el Paleolítico. Imagino que hay que atribuirlo a la cultura dominante, que es la judeocristiana”.”
    Ese autodenominado Eudald se va a llevar el premio al payaso más ridículo del año.
    No, CO-LE-GA. Lo que sorprende es la falta de silencio que rodea al Paleolítico. La agresión homosexual al Paleolítico. La falta de respeto a los acontecimientos sobre los que no se tiene ni idea.

    Empiezan a aparecer los climatólogos del cambio climático (y causado por el hombre) del sexo.
    Ya viene otra vez las putitas estas con sus estudios inventados y sus pruebas irrefutables. JAJAJAJAJA

    “aireará el kamasutra paleolítico”
    Sí, aireara el excremento que sale de vuestra puta neurona, enfermas.

    “los dos principales investigadores a los que llama “los pichapiedra”. ” Vaya, nadie nos había dicho que hoy era el 28 de diciembre, el día de los inocentes. :)

    “Éstos se lamentan de que los investigadores consideran sus trabajos demasiado atrevidos y se empeñan en recordar en que en el Paleolítico no había relación entre sexo y pecado.”
    No mira, enfermos, a ver si os enteráis. Sois unos zoquetes de mucho cuidado. La biología siempre a producido basura, eso es algo obvio (hace falta saber cuando la empezó a producir en el género humano). En el pasado la evolución no se preocupó de limpiar la mierda. Eso también es algo obvio. En el futuro la evolución erradicará la mierda. Eso los homosexuales no lo veréis. ;)
    Los investigadores no consideran sus trabajos demasiado atrevidos, los consideran una estupidez y fruto de la intoxicación por ensalda gigantesca de estupefacientes a una neurona feminista.
    Los que están involucrados en esta nueva mierda de la neurona feminista están empeñados en hacernos creer que “los investigadores consideran sus trabajos demasiado atrevidos y se empeñan en recordar en que en el Paleolítico no había relación entre sexo y pecado.” Quieren colocar como punto irremediable de debate el que “no había relación entre sexo y pecado” Se empeñan en poner en la boca de investigadores y de las personas cosas que no han dicho. Y se empeñan en colocar como punto irremediable de debate el que “no había relación entre sexo y pecado” para centrarlo en: a) se trata de una guerra ideológica entre la iglesia y ellos, b) si se acepta el debate se acepta el debate en sí y los términos en los que se debate, c) que su rollo homosexual, es decir, feminista, trata de algo relacionado con el pecado y no con su enfermedad y agresión contra los humanos, d) que se debata, que se acepte como algo debatible y d) porque en el fondo lo que tratan es de llevar al debate también a la discusión si la basura estaba generalizada o no. Y ya se sabe, según su lógica todo el que les dice que no a sus chorradas es porque es fascista o cristian, luego debate ganado para las feminsitas. Joder, que ridículos sois.

    Por lo tanto, las personas entraríamos en una trampa intelectual pra niños de tres años. JA

    Se empeñan en decir que se trata de tabú cuando a la gente ni le escandaliza ni le preocupa, ni nunca ha le ha ocurrido.

    Y lo quieren hacer así para el que les lleve la contraria a su HomosexualGATE, decirle que es un fascista de esos. Porque si lo califican como tabú se pnen ellos de víctimas y eligen su verdugo ficticio. Y entonces de pone en marcha la cadena de agresiones feministas a los Humanos.

    Nada nuevo.

  31. admin dice:

    Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory”

    1. Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory”

    This is Alex Jones publicly challenging you to appear on my radio show and face the music. You know full-well that my video quotes the New York Times, top bioethicists and major medical associations calling for Lithium to be added to the drinking water in order to “calm the public.” In the “Brain Eating Vaccines” video, I talk about multiple classes of live viruses (so-called “vaccines”) that travel to the brain and destroy receptor sites. Many of them deal with “curing drug addictions.” There are also many “stress vaccines” currently being developed. But of course you already know of this; this is your field, after all. ”

    2. Wendy Dennis

    3. Men’s Movement: A Plea for Unity

    4. New IMF Strategy Document Charts Launch Of “Bancor” Global Currency

    5. Electronic Labyrint: THX 1138 4EB_George Lucas 15:04 VIDEO
    Parte de la película que comentaba Alex Jones en: Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory”

    6. Army plans ‘DNA-blasting’ vaccines for mass innoculations during times of emergency

  32. admin dice:

    Feminist held for wearing a bikini in Dubai shopping mall after fight with Arabic woman
    Lo que dijimos hace tiempo, van allí a provocar, no les gusta la diversidad, ni otras culturas, quieren ir de exhibicionistas con niños, mujeres, perros, etc. Si no os gusta el país no vayáis, que nadie os a llamado y no le hacéis falta a nadie. Sois nadie, sois nada. Y aprendréis, vaya si aprenderéis.

    Now ANOTHER transsexual criminal is spared prison as judge agrees it would be ‘awkward and dangerous’

    Studies Prove that These Drugs Make Your Brain Stop Working…

  33. admin dice:

    1. Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates Con multitud enlaces en palabras en negrita y en naranja en estos dos enlaces VIDEO 10:06

    2. Un brote infeccioso mata a diez feministas en una perrera «sin licencia» en Santurtzi
    Vaya, pues sí. Esta vez sí ha habido suerte.

    3. Tips for single ladies 1938

    4. Estudio del régimen sobre la violencia que han sufrido algunas mujeres por parte de homosexuales y sobre la legitima defensa ejercida por los hombres contra las feministas.
    Primero se eligen los ingredientes a gusto de los feudalistas, se cocinan “científicamente” y se encuadran como nueva táctica dentro de la estrategia de esclavitud de la oligarquía y sus perras feministas, es decir, homosexuales.
    Según el régimen: Un 40% cree que la mujer es la culpable del maltrato machista.
    Es decir, te meten en la pregunta a lo de la terminología feminista para ver si el lavado de cerebro y la alienación social funciona y de paso para bombardear a la población con esas pseudo-científicas e ideológicas encuestas. JA

  34. admin dice:

    Inception: Your Dreams Are Engineered
    Entre ‘Matrix’ y ‘Memento’, Nolan pretendía filmar la película de nuestros sueños

    Rockefeller Foundation Developed Vaccines For “Mass-Scale” Fertility Reduction

    Polémica en Avilés por el cartel del Festival de la Cerveza que califican de sexista

    Pro-family candidate to challenge Richard Tisei in
    Lt. Gov. Primary as write-in to send message to
    Republican Party establishment!

  35. admin dice:

    1. “Alex Jones is launching a new campaign to inform the public about the toxic chemical fluoride being added to tap water across the country. While EPA scientists and workers are calling for an end to water fluoridation, the government is doing everything in its power to continue and even increase the amount of toxic chemicals being added to public water supplies.”
    Poison Tap Water VIDEOS

    2. 4/20 Update: It’s Time to End Prohibition

    3. Naked Body Scanners: Monumental Cover Up Exposed

    4. The Psychology of Conspiracy Denial

    “According to Lehrer, people who are concerned about fluoridated drinking water and the New World Order, in other words, anyone who expresses consternation about what they are putting in their own body or what powerful people are planning to do with the planet, are mentally disturbed cult members who are victims of cognitive dissonance.(…)
    The acid test on who is engaging in cognitive dissonance and ‘doubling down’ on their beliefs even in light of conflicting evidence, be it Lehrer or the “conspiracy theorists,” has to come down to the basic facts.
    It’s a fact…(…)
    It’s a fact…(…)
    It’s a fact…(…)
    These facts are not a product of some spurious Internet link found on Google, as Lehrer spins it,…”

    5. will be cleared: Mass murderer Jeremy Bamber plans for life beyond prison as he vows to prove his sister was guilty

    Joan Herrera y el director de Greenpeace preparan un nuevo partido rojiverde nacional
    Para que no se vayan a la derecha.

    7. Just too saucy! The bawdy seaside postcards the censors banned 50 years ago

    8. Don’t delay the next try after a miscarriage, women warned
    Read more:

  36. admin dice:

    1. Amar en tiempos ‘no lésbicos’: el romance prohibido de La 1 (De prohibido nada, lo que está prohibido es la libertad, y la libertad de ser una persona, la libertad de ser normal. Eso es lo que está prohibido. Larrutik ordainduko duzue. Lo vuestro es enfermedad ridícula. Eso es lo que es)
    ” llamar la atención del público con alguna escena lésbica” “no parece que ésta fuera una de las razones para ‘enamorar’ a dos de sus protagonistas” No claro, lo que pretendían explicar era la rotación de los planetas. Que payasadas contáis cuando queréis agredir a las personas.
    “resultaba arriesgado mostrar un romance entre mujeres en una telenovela. ” No, un romance entre mujeres es imposible, lerda, es un momento de ridículo entre dos tortilleras, a ver si te enteras.

    “¿El éxito? Construir este romance desde la honestidad,” Qué más quisieras tú que lo homosexual pudieras asociarlo a la idea de éxito y al éxito real. ¡Pero bueno! ¿No te dijeron que no bebieras tanto aguardiente antes de desayunar?

    “”Las señoras mayores evitan el tema. No les termina de gustar. Lo aceptan, que ya es mucho, porque hemos construido los vínculos desde la ternura”, ”
    No, mira, ni a las mayores ni a las jóvenes. Os jodéis. No lo aceptan porque tú lo digas ni porque los medios de propaganda del régimen lo digan, ni una ni mil veces. Los mutantes sólo sabéis vincularos con el odio, la agresión y la violación.
    Y si no os queréis enterar, no os preocupéis, ya os enteraréis. Vaya si os enteraréis.

    2. Los jueces cargan contra Igualdad por culparles del aumento del maltrato
    Cualquier día no sólo los jueces sino el resto de las personas van a cargar de verdad contra los Mutantes y, entonces, se van a cagar por las patas abajo.

    ¡Vaya si se van a cagar!

  37. admin dice:

    ‘Gender bending’ chemical in food tins may cut male fertility

    The chemical mimics the female sex hormone oestrogen and interferes with the way hormones are processed by the body.

    Although some animal studies have shown it is safe, others have linked it to breast cancer, liver damage, obesity, diabetes and fertility problems.

    Sobre lo peligroso de lo que le echan a las latas…ya se sabía hace décadas

  38. admin dice:

    El fracaso del feminismo socialista

    No y no. Fracaso del feminismo socialista, no. Fracaso del feminismo. Fracaso de la ideología del odio y de la mentira: feminismo.

    Fracaso de quien legitima y justifica el feminismo. Sin o con adejitivos, feminismo sólo hay uno.

    “El feminismo nació como un movimiento liberal, que buscaba equiparar a las mujeres en derechos y libertades; es decir, buscaba la igualdad ante la ley, acabar con la discriminación por razón de sexo.” No y no. OS VA A CRECER LA NARIZ COMO A PINOCHO, ARTISTAS.

  39. admin dice:

    1. Homosexuales roban 30 ovejas y dejan al pastor un vídeo con prácticas de zoofilia

    2. The Mapmakers of Society: The Beginnings of a Scientific Dictatorship

    Dr. Kay paints a clear picture of the massive influence that the wealthy elite in the United States wields, even to the “…development of culture and the production of knowledge in the United States…” Kay writes,

    “Thus by the end of the Progressive Era, even before the large-scale commitment to the “advancement of knowledge” spurred by World War I, the human sciences received considerable support from the large foundations. Their numerous projects and the unprecedented scope of their financial and institutional resources shaped the development of culture and the production of knowledge in the United States. Through education, public opinion, stimulation of specific research agenda, and the promotion of selective categories of knowledge and research, the Foundation played a key role in the creation of a hegemonic bloc; the resources and prestige flowing into those fields relevant to problems of social control were instrumental in the formation of consensus between social and political elites, on the one hand, and academic interests on the other.”
    Large foundations – primarily Rockefeller and Carnegie – were investigated in 1915 by the United States Congress, which reported nearly identical findings to the later 1953 Reece Committee, dedicated to the same cause. The 1915 U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations reported that:

    “The domination by the men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and social survival of the nation. This control is being extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereafter designated “foundations”, by the endowment of colleges and universities, by the creation of funds for the pensioning of teachers, by contributions to private charities, as well as through controlling or influencing the public press…

    As Dr. Kay documents, many of the original members of the large foundations and their offshoots were driven by the philosophy that they were the chosen elite. In their minds, moral authority was on their side. They sought to guide the direction of the nation and mold mankind’s development. Frederick T. Gates, a Baptist minister who worked closely with the Rockefeller family and its many initiatives, is quoted as saying,

    “…when you die and come to approach the judgment of Almighty God what do you think He will demand of you…? Do you think he will inquire into your trivial sins, your paltry values? NO! He will ask you just One Question: ‘What did you do as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation?’”

    Chester Bernard, who served as president of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1948-1952, was unquestionably a member of the establishment. He saw what the Rockefeller Foundation and much of the scientific community was attempting to do and spoke out against it, but couched his criticism with the assumption of pure motives. Bernard writes in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 1948 Annual Report,

    “Inherent in our systematic efforts to promote the welfare of mankind there may be an assumption that… by reason and science we may govern the future of unborn generations in ways that we know are right… Do we mean that because we have learned to navigate the tides we shall also control them? … We have already begun the attempts to regulate local weather. Where do we think we shall stop — with the control of the speed of rotation of the earth, of its revolution around the sun? … Pride goeth before a fall.”
    Eugenics and the Nazis — the California connection

  40. admin dice:

    Marriage counselling makes people think their relationship is over

    1. Special investigation: How homosexual gangs force middle-class girls into the sex trade

    2. Marriage counselling makes people think their relationship is over
    Marriage counselling can do more harm than good as it makes couples feel like a failure and that their relationship is already over, a government report suggests.
    Volveremos sobre esto.

    3. Fluoride Truth on Australian TV – Fluoride Retards the Brain VIDEO 6:34

    Teenagers want fluoride-free water

    5. Car fuel ‘could be made from thin air’

    6. Valedictorian: “I have successfully shown that I was the best slave.”

    7. Junk food-addicted rats chose to starve themselves rather than eat healthy food
    A diet including unlimited amounts of junk food can cause rats to become so addicted to the unhealthy diet that they will starve themselves rather than go back to eating healthy food, researchers have discovered.

  41. admin dice:

    Alerta Fidel consecuencias terribles de una guerra nuclear,
    Swine Flu Investigator Jane Bürgermeister Faces Prison
    IMPORTANTE VIDEO de la perseguida por el régimen feminista.

    1. Alerta Fidel consecuencias terribles de una guerra nuclear

    Fidel Castro: Obama can avert impending nuclear holocaust

    2. Ex-vicar banned from being a foster parent after refusing to let gay couples visit his home
    Read more:

    3. BBC says sorry to Climategate unit for grilling by John Humphrys
    Read more:

    4. Dutch feminist held after dead babies found in suitcases

    5. We are change

    6. Reportaje sobre Bilderberg en el periódico El País en 1977

    7. Protests over cloned animals in food chain

    8. Anger as abortion provider Marie Stopes offers staff free terminations as ‘job perk’
    Read more:

    9. Iran set to execute 18-year-old on false charge of sodomy
    An 18-year-old Iranian is facing imminent execution on charges of homosexuality
    Pues no se nos va a caer una lagrima porque el mutante se vaya al otro barrio.

    10. Un electricista y un militar salvan a dos niños a punto de ahogarse en Ceuta
    Malas noticias para las feministas.

    11. Mother and daughter, 12, critical after stabbing in west London

    12. Thousands of women fear bleak future as they bear the brunt of public sector cuts

    13. Muere un participante en una competición de resistencia en una sauna
    Esto no saben que lo mejor hubiera sido organizar ese concurso para las feministas y con las reglas un poco modificadas. ;)

    14. HFCS – the poison that promotes obesity and liver damage

    15. Who poses the real threat to the Internet?

    16. Froot Loops contaminated with 2-methylnaphthalene chemical

    17. DMI polar data shows cooler Arctic temperature since 1958 GRAFICOS

    18. Swine Flu Investigator Jane Bürgermeister Faces Prison VIDEO

    19. La derecha extrema se expande en Europa si pasais el raton por encima vereis que es la lupa y, por lo tanto, lo podeis ampliar.

  42. admin dice:

    Jane Burgermeister

    En aleman
    “Schweinegrippe der geplante Genozid” Interview mit Jane Bürgermeister powered by secret.TV part1 10:00
    Schweinegrippe der geplante Genozid Part 2 powered by secret.TV und Nexus 10:00

    Wie schwächt man Menschen ohne dass sie etwas merken ?

    Jane Burgermeister – Vienna, 20.09.2009
    Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister 54:41

    Jane Burgermeister es una periodista científica que presentó una denuncia penal ante la Oficina Federal de Investigaciones (FBI) en contra de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), del gobierno norteamericano y de varias otras organizaciones públicas de salud como la FDA, así como varios laboratorios médicos y farmaceúticos. La denuncia acusa a esta organizaciones y sus representantes de cometer varios crímenes graves en relación con el bioterrorismo, con la tentativa de genocidio, asesinato en masa, la coacción de los órganos constitucionales, alta traición, entre otros cargos.[1] [2]

    Swine Flu Outbreak Or Bioterrorism And Intent To Commit Mass Murder?

    Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

  43. admin dice:


    Feminista sequestra bebê dentro da maternidade


    Travesti enfurecido agride homem no meio da rua 30/04/2010!

    Pedofilia: Polícia procura mulher que abusa de menino de 3 anos

    Doméstica é acusada de roubar 200 mil do patrão

    Feminista acusada de abusar de criança de três anos ficará e

    Mãe é acusada de ter torturado filhos

    Silvia Calabreze que torturava crianças


  44. admin dice:

    Feminism Can be Cured

    By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    I’ve had many emails from young Feminists cussing me out for things I never said. So I was surprised to hear from “Meagan” who actually read my web site and understood it. She realized Feminist indoctrination had made her dysfunctional and she wanted help. (…)

    Meaghan, congratulations for being so wise and articulate for your years. Here are some ideas:

    1. Find a feminine woman, a wife and mother, who is willing to act as your role model. This is a woman who has built her life around her husband and children and is glad she did. You might find such a woman in traditional settings, church or ethnic community center. This may be an opportunity to learn about Islam or Hinduism or Christianity. Get the pastor-person to help you find a role model. Obviously you will decide whom you like.

    2. My mother-in-law advised my wife: “Find a man to look after you, but be able to look after yourself.” In other words, make husband and family your first priority while pursuing your career interests. If you go to university/college, focus on acquiring marketable skills. Humanities are an indoctrination in Fe-manist Masonic dysfunction. Ideally you will marry and start a family before going to university, if you go at all.

    3. Don’t sleep with anyone unless you are in a loving long-term relationship hopefully leading to marriage. Consecrate yourself to your future husband and children. Date men five-or-more years older who want to get married. For intimacy you must have exclusivity and permanence. Sex is an act of possession. You cannot be possessed by many men and ever belong to one. The ability to love/trust dies. [More on sex later.]

    4. Stop being “smarter, better, faster” than the men you meet.
    To some extent, a woman self effaces and lives through her husband and children. Find a man you naturally look up to, respect and trust. Don’t waste time with boys. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual union involves the exchange of the two: female power (in the worldly sense) for male love (his power expressed as love.)

    A woman loves a man by acquiescing and trusting, not challenging and competing. She gives him the power to grant her wishes (i.e. love her). Of course he will consult her. Find a man with a powerful positive vision of life with a central place for you. There is an implied message here for men. Men have to know what they want, provide leadership and earn trust.

    5. Two people don’t become one by fighting over the same territory.
    Generally speaking, the man “makes the house, the woman makes the home.” This division of labour is natural and complementary. Learn how to be a homemaker and mother. Develop your personality and skills to be more desirable as a wife and companion.

    Once the power-for-love arrangement is established, sex roles don’t have to be rigid. The key is that a wife is willing to be First Mate to her Captain because he loves her, looks after her interests and is totally loyal. After that, who does what can be dictated by respective preferences, abilities and practical considerations.

    6. Not all women need to marry and have children but the vast majority do. We are a pair -bonding species. Children represent our organic growth. As recently as fifty years ago, the role of wife and mother was honored. After 1960 society was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of social engineering designed to disparage these roles and maen ke womfind fulfillment in career instead. Led by the Rockefeller Foundation, this media campaign was made to look spontaneous and “modern.” In fact, the goal was to decrease the birth rate and destabilize society by pitting men against women. Divide and conquer.

    Women were taught to abandon their femininity and challenge men for the masculine role.> They were taught heterosexuality and family by nature are oppressive to women. Domestic violence was publicized to trample on woman’s tender tendrils of trust. As a result, the divorce rate doubled and the birth rate was cut in half. One third of all births are now out-of-wedlock.

    Nicholas Rockefeller admitted to Aaron Russo that his family foundation started Women’s Lib to get women out of the home, expand the tax base and indoctrinate the children from a young age. In 2000, Rockefeller foretold Sept. 11 and invited Russo to become part of the coming Fascist state..

    The Rockefeller Foundation is also the major sponsor of Planned Parenthood (Formerly “The Eugenics Society”) contraceptive research and Fe-manism. There are almost 600K hits for the “RF and Women’s Studies” on Google. Previously, the Rockefellers sponsored Josef Mengele’s research on how to make a human slave at Auschwitz. Feminism is also dedicated to this long-term goal. (See this video on the history of Rockefeller Social Engineering)

    7. More on sex. The sex act is sacred. It is the ritual enactment of Act of Creation. The man selects and prepares the special ground and plants his seed. The woman receives and nurtures it. Often it is just his spirit she accepts. Ultimately, a child is the fruit of love. Sex is an uplifting experience in this loving context. Don’t settle for less.

    8. Check out Helen Andelin’s book “Fascinating Womanhood” which reminds you that Femininity is an art. Not everything will be relevant to you, but it has many useful hints. Also check out sites like “Surrendered Wife” and “Ladies Against Feminism.”

    In conclusion, the Rockefellers trick women into forgetting that they are part of a natural cycle, and the ages of 18-25 are critical to starting a family. In the same way as the apple tree blossoms in the Spring, young women need to marry and have children when nature intended. The Rockefellers want women and men to miss the opportunity to start strong families that will protect them from enslavement.

    Feminism Can be Cured
    The Surrendered Wife
    The Dying Art of Femininity
    Fascinating Womanhood
    Ladies against feminism

  45. admin dice:

    México se cuestiona legalizar las drogas ante el fracaso de la guerra contra los narcos

    The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Government Don’t Want You to Know, Part I

    86 Days to Decide: Activists Say Tea Party Imposters Infiltrating Elections

    Revealed: The UK maternity units in which only 1 in 10 mothers is of white British origin

    Student told of sex with former Freeland teacher after suspecting her involvement with assistant principa

  46. admin dice:

    Aedificare novae mundi, adeo acriter nostri milites pugnaverunt ut hostes superavent.

    ¡Revolución antifeminista!

  47. admin dice:

    MEDIA FAIL: C-SPAN Tries And Fails To Cover The Facts Of 9/11 VIDEO 8:16

    Growing up too soon? Puberty strikes 7-year-old girls

  48. admin dice:

    Ignis aurum provat, miseria fortes viros

    ¡Revolución antifeminista!

  49. admin dice:

    ¿Por qué las feministas no hacéis un favor a la Historia, y dejáis de ocupar tanto tiempo en ella, por ejemplo, suicidándoos?

    Contra el terrorismo, el feudalismo y la esclavitud a la que nos quiere someter la oligarquía y sus perras.

    ¡Revolución antifeminista!