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Feminism in its light form is a severe egocentric and narcissistic personality disorder. It is mental vaginism, gender-centrism, aggression, genocide, hysteria, hatred of the human race and of nature. An unhealthy, corrupt and malicious mixture of psychopathy and of clear anti-social behaviour. Feminism is sociopathy. In its unrecoverable and more serious form, it is the result of an incapacity for logic and adaptation to reality that is produced by a degradation and biological mutation that produces a physical defect that limits the intelligence and cognitive capacities to infra-human parameters. This defect is homosexuality and its consequence and ideological expression are the homosexual agenda, while feminism is its cover. Feminism is an aggression and the flagrant violation of reality and of history. This historic revisionism is an unprecedented accusation against humanity, our ancestors and our fellow citizens. Feminism is vagina-centrism, genderpathy, sex-centrism, navel-centrism and megalomania. Feminism is a virus that threatens all of humanity. The anti-feminist revolution is the antivirus. Feminism is the intended lesbian usurpation of femininity, of the individual sovereignty of women and to forcefully take over their minds and free will.

The anti-feminist revolution is Civilization fighting back. It is the essence of what goes around comes around; it is the punishment for the crime. It is the surgeon marking, cutting, removing and disinfecting. You do not ague about feminism, you destroy it. The Anti-feminist Revolution is society and its representatives. We are the advance scouts of Civilization and its rearguard. We represent the men that they could not force to their knees and symbolise the final downfall of feminism. Feminists are prehistory. Civilization has been, is and will be the future. It is something to which feminists will have to become accustomed.

The Anti-feminist Revolution, in its fight for the freedom of society from the feminist blight, is and represents society. The revolutionaries know it; society knows it. It is an answer to the virulent and destructive aggression of the homosexual feminist ideology that Civilization worldwide has suffered under. What initially was a potential threat, has become a real threat until and in many countries is a full-blown, unlimited aggression. Feminism is a virus and should be treated as such. Given the genetic code clearly seen by the anti-feminist army, this virus has the potential to be become a pandemic. But we will not permit it. Against feminism, zero tolerance. A sanitary cordon against the feminism. The Anti-feminist Revolution is an antivirus, generator of antiviral solutions and enhancer of the immune system of the Civilization  It is the  real social and intellectual answer to the acquired genetic stupidity of feminism and its criminal and barbaric nature.

The Anti-feminist Revolution will provide the theoretical, physical and intellectuals resources needed to battle and eradicate this virus and will work relentlessly until we achieve the final protocol for its isolation, neutralisation and final liquidation. Similarly, the Anti-feminist Revolution will propose the actions needed to assure that these circumstances never repeat themselves. The Anti-feminist Revolution is a combat unit against the lie of feminism because all of feminism is lie. The Anti-feminist Revolution, unmistakably, denies the biggest: lie: the very premise of feminism and all of its assumptions. The Anti-feminist Revolution denies, obviously, the evident and sickly lies about history, the historic revisionism, and Orwellian reconstruction of reality and history as is required to show the pure stupidity of feminism through the scientific verification of its homosexual reinvention of history. We likewise deny the truth and the validity of feminist terminology. Terms and concepts like: “Exploitation of women”, “equality”, machismo, sexism, homophobia and “the female condition”. Those terms are particular to this homosexual, marginal, and anti-social ideology and do not come form society. They are insults articulated ideologically and used politically for aggression, social alienation and collective brainwashing. Anyone that calls a man or a woman sexist or homophobic should arrested and placed in quarantine. Until we do so, society will not be free.

In the latest attempt to rape and pillage the minds of the People, gender ideology is the last mutation of the virus. The forced institutionalisation of gender ideology is the new phase in the harassment and siege of the civil population. They build a dictionary, feminist concepts and terms are invented and a law is enacted in Spain to homosexualise society starting with the weakest sector, children and teenagers. Thus, by raping and corrupting their minds they hope to achieve their torrid dreams of the sexual subjugation of humanity.

The Anti-feminist Revolution does not have nor will have a political position. Any political regime that is feminist is unacceptable. Our objective is not political interests or strategies but rather the freedom of humanity and Civilization: the revolution. Nor do we seek to favour either the right or the left of the political spectrum. Because we are society, we represent everyone but not any of the existing ideologies in particular. But that does not mean that we do not know who is truly at fault, who instigated this shameful situation. The Anti-feminist Revolution specifically accuses the so-called left to have betrayed and attacked society and its voters and to have conspired against democracy and our system of liberties, selling its soul to feminism and to homosexuality, thereby becoming part of the problem. But the Anti-feminist Revolution also accuses the so-called right of turning its back on society. This two circumstances are obvious to everyone. Our fellow citizens that consider themselves to be conservative must takes sides: feminist or anti-feminist. This is a war and there are only two sides. The right must assume its responsibilities and begin to dismantle the feminist State, to abrogate the feminist laws and to recognise that feminism is the problem. Feminism is the mask and the pathological lie of self-styled lesbians and of the lesbian agenda. The sickly hatred that they feel toward the universe, nature and reality because of their biological abnormality pushes them to social and individual aggression, to try to subvert reality and to establish feudalism and social alienation. The feminists and their ilk leave us no choice: they chose the lie hoping that the truth would become useless. But it is precisely knowledge and truth that will keep us free: the truth of what we were, of what we are and of what we will always be. Above the media-legal-political pressure to which they wish to submit us. Above the intent to force-feed us feminism by spending millions of euros of our hard-earned taxes. Taking the food form our tables.

The Anti-feminist Revolution is comprised of the men that once more rise to the occasion. The Anti-feminist Revolution is proud and assumes its historic responsibility in the fight against barbarism, doing battle to defend our families, villages and cities from the death, slavery, rape and feudalism. Civilization has survived up to now and we are not going to permit that a handful of sick people destroy it. It has cost humanity a lot to get where we are and we will not tolerate a regression that carries us back to the Cretaceous era. Humanity will defeat you. Life will once again prevail.

Feminism is a challenge to Civilization, to each and every one of us. The revolution is a process of liberation and reconquest that inevitably demands our responsibility taking active part throughout the process and partaking of the inevitable victory, as well as maintaining permanent and indefinite vigilance to held on to our recovered freedom.

WE are the new one era: the age of Aquarius. WE are the end of feudalism. WE are the end of the 2012 end times. We are the end and we are the beginning. We are the end of feminism. We carry a new world in our hearts and that world is being born right now. We have always carried it and we always will. It arises in the morning leaves and is the Light of day. It shines so bright that no darkness can survive. The eternal battle between the forces of light and the darkness in which evil always losses. Now will be no different, from the most distinguished and infamous feminist organisations to the Homosexual Pressure Groups, all will fall. The anti-feminist revolution is your karma. The inevitable and implacable laws of this universe that you hate so much. It is the barrier to your insanity and your delirium. The Anti-feminist Revolution is the law, the order, the structure, the social peace, the perseverance, the endurance, the decision, the government, the attainment and the Civilization. Everything that feminists are not.

We do not speak with feminists or lesbians. We have no relationship of any kind with feminists: not love, not friendship, not sexual, not emotional, and not spiritual. Particularly not with the feminists that publicly recognize their homosexuality. We also hope for and thank of our women friends, girlfriends and wives for their public, common  and continuous demonstrations of anti-feminism. Ambiguity and neutrality are not anti-feminist. We must maintain our relationships, our lives and the civilization clean! If we avoid contact with the virus, we will avoid infection.

We demand the abolition of the Feminist State and the purification of the institutions. But first we would like our Feudal Gentlemen to answer the following questions: Why do you want to force-feed us a feminist ideology and feminism? Why you are involved in the subversion of our liberty and democracy? What would think of instead of feminism as the ideology of the State, we applied anarchism and anarchist terminology? Then the ones left without properties, without power and without dignity would be you! Wouldn’t like it,  would you? Don’t want to go there, do you?

It is the time for Masculinity to break the chains and free itself of the oppression and exploitation to which we have been submitted by the proto-feminists, feminists, and homosexuals. Men have always done the worst-paid, lethal, dangerous, hardest work and moreover have always died in mass to save women. Now homosexuals want to legislate it and make the slavery and exploitation of man the law and doctrine of the State. They want to steal our future.

Incredibly, we agree with the feminists on one thing: women are not aggressors. This is irrefutable. No woman is an aggressor. If she is an aggressor, she is a feminist. If she is a feminist, she is not a woman. Just as aggression does not form part of feminine nature, feminine nature does not form part of feminist nature. Feminists are not women. Homosexuality is a biological manufacturing defect suffered by people that are neither men nor women. Verbal or physical aggression by “women” against women and men is feminism. In parallel, feminism is the ideology that has most attacked humanity as a whole, men, women and children, regardless of political systems, religion, race, age or sex. The synthesis of violence and hatred for your neighbour. There are many witnesses over the last 40 years of the feminist dictatorship to the conversion of peaceful and loving young women into mangy and aggressive harpies that only lack foam flowing from their mouths. Witnesses to the too often successful brainwashing. Men have had nothing to do with this, as is well known, we like them princesses, feminine, sweet, devoted that dress like what they are, true women. If it wasn’t the men and the feminists are basically useless, then some should ask of Feudal Lords, albeit with a touch of irony, just who is responsible. Maybe they know who legislates, who controls the media, who applies the censorship. Perchance they know who decides how to spend our taxes and dedicate so large sums of money to legitimise and forcefully impose feminism, its dictates, its lies. The Ministry of Truth is a house of cards that will be taken by the populace during the anti-feminist revolution.

Today is a new dawn. Already nothing will be the same. We will stop the looting of Civilization. Together we will go further than you would have ever imagined. For Civilization, against barbarism!

Anti-feminist Revolution